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One of the best DJ in Kolkata providing services like Sangeet Sandhya, Bachlor Party, Boat Party, Corporate Parties & any socal events.If you are looking for DJ in Kolkata please contact DJ Rahul for the best event management service in kolkata.

About Me


For nearly a decade, DJ Rahul has entertained his audience with his catchy foot stomping beats and been a major figure in the world of techno and club music. His music has left an endearing mark on the party scene in this city. He was born in Kolkata on 13th May, 1984, in a family having a rich musical legacy. His father and mother were excellent singers as well as professional event organizers. Rahul began his career as a disc jockey in the year 2004. His first performance was at the Ordnance Club. His musically rich parental background made it easy for him to develop a knack for music as well as a keen ear for understanding the various subtleties of mixing and sampling. Such qualities contributed greatly to his success as a professional disc jockey. In a very short time, Rahul was able to leave his mark as a versatile and prolific DJ whose music was able to please both fans and critics alike.

DJ Rahul aims at skillfully combining tunes taken from both domestic and international music scene with additional beats that blend well with various occasions and audiences of different tastes and likes. For doing this, he uses some of the best DJ-ing equipments currently available in the market, and mixes his tunes with both skill and imagination. His diverse ranges and styles have enabled him to taste success in various forms of events and programs, such as private parties, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate meetings and events, product launches and inaugurations, saagai events, theme vermalas, sangeet sandhya and geet sammelan programs. He has also performed in numerous Christmas and New Year bashes, Valentine nights, Easter parties, as well as other important social events and gatherings. Among the clubs in which he has performed his music are The Calcutta Punjab Club, Outram Club, International Club and BNR Club. He has also entertained guests at the prestigious establishments of Army Officers' institute and Fort William. Apart from the various clubs and discotheques, DJ Rahul has also performed in various other socio-cultural events such as “Dandia” nights and theme vermalas. Dandia nights and Navaratri events are held with great pomp and grandeur throughout India, where DJ Rahul has captivated large audiences with his mesmerizing music. The vermala is an important occasion in Indian weddings, which involve the bride and groom exchanging their garlands. Apart from operating as a Disc jockey, his range of expertise also involve working as an event planner for various occasions such as birthdays, mehndi events, geet sammelans, and saagais. As an experienced DJ and event planner, Rahul always attempts to bring in something new and different to the music and events associated with this occasion, which makes it more interesting. The resultant combination of effective planning and great music ensures that the guests have a good time, which leads to the event’s success. DJ Rahul has also performed at several private parties hosted by various well-known celebrities such as Sourav Ganguly. Apart from playing solo, he has also played with many other guest musicians which turned out to be major hits.




Dj Show

        Dj Rahul is the ultimate search if you are planning for a unforgatable event. His presence of mind when he is on the console & mixing the heart touching music will definately let you out to his musical world.

Product Launch / Innaugration

        There is no better way to spice up a product launch or an inauguration event than to add some excellent music to it. If you are looking for someone to spin some great tunes that will add a spark to the floor, DJ Rahul is the ideal person to get in touch with. An acclaimed DJ in his own right for many years, his blend of music are ideal for various corporate events and parties. He is counted as one of the best DJs in Kolkata as well as in India. With his unique sense of musical composition, DJ Rahul can create the perfect party ambience that beautifully complements various corporate events and brings joy to all involved. A product launch or an inauguration party or any other corporate event can be very boring without some appropriate music to match the theme of the evening, and DJ Rahul can fulfill this necessity perfectly. The music to be played is also carefully chosen so as to blend well with the type of product that is to be launched. DJ Rahul brings in state of the art technology to create music that creates such an enchanting experience for his listeners.

Wedding Events

        Wedding events are a great time to celebrate with your friends and family and in the process, get involved in various joyful celebrations. Indian weddings are always filled with a lot of music and dance. Unlike traditional musicians that were once used in these events, more and more people nowadays opt for music played by DJs. These tunes are not only great for a wedding party where people just love to dance; they also blend quite well to the theme of traditional Indian weddings. Rahul has been an acclaimed disc jockey for many years now and he has performed in countless private wedding parties. He is considered to be one of the best DJs in India and is known to create an effective fusion between the eastern and western elements of world music. He has also been an active geet sammelan and sangeet sandhya organizer on many occasions. DJ Rahul has performed as a sangeet sandhya organizer in events throughout India. He selects his tunes very craftily which really helps to make the event an enjoyable and memorable one, thus leading to its success. So contact DJ Rahul to make your wedding night and sangeet sandhya events memorable for many years to come.


        Saagai or the engagement night is one of the most important events in any person’s life. It is technically the precursor to marriage. Hence it is no wonder that both the bride and the groom’s family would want this night to be perfect. Along with the decorations, costumes, and food, music is also a very important aspect of the Saagai night. The music in Saagai night needs to be a rich blend of traditional tunes with modern elements. DJ Rahul is a musical genius who can craftily create tunes that are both melodious and danceable. Counted among the finest DJs right now in Kolkata and India, DJ Rahul has an extensive history of performing as a jockey in various clubs, discs, theme parties and private events. He also regularly performs in many geet sammelan and sangeet sandhya programs. DJ Rahul has his own style of mixing that focuses on innovative combination of both eastern and western hits. His music has been applauded by a wide number of audiences who are music savvy in their own rights. Call DJ Rahul for having the perfect Saagai that you and your partner have always dreamed of, coupled with captivating music that will leave a lasting impression.

Theme Vermala

        Arranging for theme vermalas are the in thing nowadays and along with it, the whole idea of having a lavish wedding has got a widespread acceptance. The well designed concepts of theme vermalas also need to be accompanied by music that helps to create the appropriate mood for the occasion. Theme vermalas are normally followed by music that often includes the fusion of traditional elements with modern instrumentations. In the recent years, disc jockeys have replaced conventional musicians who play important roles in these forms of events. DJ Rahul is one such creative disc jockey whose music has had a mesmerizing effect on the crowds for many years. As a musician, he has performed in some of the most well known clubs and venues in India. With his long experience and finesse as a creative disc jockey, he creates a unique blend of music for the special occasion of vermala. His style includes the incorporation of traditional Sanskrit mantras and slokas that are played in drone-like recitations, which is then combined with suitable music. The music creates the perfect mood for the ideal start to the evening and paves the way for the rest to come. DJ Rahul can also customize his music to fit the mood for various thematic styles of vermala.

Birthday / Anniversary

        Want to throw the perfect birthday party for your kid or a loved one? Along with the balloons, colorful candles, decorative ribbons and the eye-catching cake, throw in some good music for the guests to shake a leg and you have guaranteed yourself a nice, happening evening. Birthday parties are normally revved up by some great dance/techno music, and who can be better than DJ Rahul to entertain your guests on this special occasion? DJ Rahul has a long record of playing in some of the most celebrated venues and clubs. He has also been a part of many special events, thus bringing smiles to people’s faces with his flamboyant music. Apart from events like New Year’s Celebrations and Dandia events, he has also performed in many private parties as well. Whether it is the birthday party of a kid or an adult, DJ Rahul’s exquisite blend of fine music is sure to fit the occasion and make the day special for everyone. Along with birthdays, he is also an avid performer in anniversary events. Anniversary events require a distinct form of music in order to celebrate the love and togetherness of the married couple. People may have varied tastes of music when it comes to anniversaries and DJ Rahul can craftily blend his music to suit everyone’s needs and ideas.

Ladies Sangeet

        The mehndi is an important event that takes place just days before an Indian marriage. This occasion is accompanied by the ladies sangeet, which involves the women of the family singing tunes that are based on the customs and traditions of the ethnic group. The event is usually attended by close family members of the bride. The main event of mehndi is often followed by a session that incorporates the use of DJ music. Effective management is required to make sure that the events of mehndi and sangeet are a success, and DJ Rahul can perfectly arrange that for you. As a professional DJ and event management planner, Rahul always makes sure that the ambience that he creates for your special event with the décor and music fits your desires and requirements flawlessly. DJ Rahul is currently one of the best DJs in Kolkata, and has organized many private parties, as well as sangeet sandhya and geet sammelan events for his clients. With his extensive experience in the arena of event management, he makes sure that your sangeet event is a grand success, thus making your satisfaction the first priority. Apart from the music, he can also arrange for decorations and mehndi artists as a part of his services.




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